Central London Flat

Landscaping : Darryl Osada
Photography : Steven Wooster

Refurbishment, interior design, and styling of a small 1 bedroom flat in a central London conservation area.

A calm and quiet monochrome scheme contrasts with flashes of antique Chinese red lacquer, jolts of burnt orange and hints of amber set against reflective white walls, where antique objects (sourced from the Far East, Asia and Africa) juxtapose with the sharper edges of modern furniture.

Red and black lacquer are pivotal to the look of this scheme adding great visual impact which feeds the senses and contrast against a backdrop of clean straight lines; softened by arrangements and displays of natural objects and organic shapes.

A contemporary twist can be seen in displays of coral and shells, reminiscent of the sea… a continuous theme vibrating throughout each room.

A combination of textures for contrast : An eclectic mix of cream upholstery; silk, leather and animal skins contrast with the dark tones of the walnut flooring, cream limestone, and wenge, oak and chagrin leather furniture.

A small “courtyard – style” garden – a challenge of restricted space – provides a surprising mix of exotic and formal planting – a bijoux and private sitting and dining area sheltered by bamboo fencing and screened by natural planting.